Frank Taylor, The Flying Scotsman - Thistledown Thunder

Title History, background, reason for writing or recording ...
Rise Again

History was made in 1999 with Scotland regaining home rule.  The news of the day sparked this song, and no doubt many more will be written!


Sullivan's John

I learned this  Irish song back in the 1960's from Eddie Fury.


Bonnie Ship the Diamond

A traditional whaling song from the north east of Scotland that is sung all around the world.


Rap Tap Tap

This song has been published and recorded by many people, and like a lot of Matt's songs, it has a special place in my heart.  Has the system improved with the banishment of the strap?


Tug of War

The rope in my Tug of War is my heart strings and my lifeline to you Jane.  I wage war with myself every time I go on the road, trying to keep a balance between my two loves, my wife and my folk song life.


Three Black Birds

Tells our story from the first encounter through to elopement!  With a little poetic license, I've turned the memorable events into a folk tale.  This song is for you Jane!  Thanks Murray, and don't worry, I'm taking good care of her!


As I Roved Out

A great pub song from Ireland, from the collection of the Clancy Brothers.  Even though she said she couldn't marry him because she was already married, they did marry in the end!


Route of the Blues

I have added a verse from another English folksong, to the original song that I learned from Robin and Barry Dransfield from Yorkshire, England.


North Shore Song

I wrote and performed this song at the 1993 Bon Ami Festival in Dalhousie.  I have enjoyed the hospitality of the North Shore for 10 years now.  I am always thrilled when people originally from the North Shore thank me for bringing their home to them through the song!


Boys Come Rolling Home

I decided to add this song to my show, after spending an afternoon with Will Millar in Florida.  There's a wee bit of the travelling tinker in all musicians!  Marilyn performs her whistle wizardry in the Irish jig "Smash the Windows".


Black Waterside

I first heard Sandy Denny sing this song, which recounts the story of a romantic encounter on the Black Water, the river that runs through County Cork in Ireland.


Roll on Saint John

Long before the Information Highway, the Saint John River was the lifeline of the original settlers to this province.  This song pays homage to one of the loveliest rivers in Canada, and gives an account of the people who have lived and made a living along her magnificent shores.

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