Frank Taylor, The Flying Scotsman - Thistledown Thunder

The Tradition Continues...

Singing and composing songs have been at the heart of human experience for hundreds of years and represent a passage of history.  Folk music has survived by being passed on from generation to generation.

Folk music is an art, which cannot simply be kept alive in the written word and musical score.  The recording of the stories, tales and adventures must be heard, in order to truly appreciate the feelings of the artist.  Just as centuries of folk musicians before me have passed on the techniques, arrangements, words, and most importantly feelings, I am continuing this tradition by imparting my vast knowledge of folk music history to the next generation.

I have been in and around folk music since I was sixteen.  Many artists and styles have influenced me, yet I have been able to create and identify my own style.  This CD reflects both the simplicity and complexity of my life and the music that surrounds me.  My songs tell of the balance in my work and play, and resonate with the pride and conviction instilled in me by my parents.

The CD is a compilation of old and new songs.  The old songs have been chosen from my vast collection of Scottish and Irish tunes.  These traditional and contemporary songs have a special place in my heart.  Singing these songs reminds me of the places and times when I first heard them, and of learning the songs from the friends who composed them.

My new songs are about the Canadian experience through the eyes of an immigrant and incorporate stories or phrases from people I've met through my travels.  My main influences now are Jane, my wife and the love of my life, and the beauty and tranquility that surround our home called Thistledown Hall in Mactaquac.  Extensive research along with gathering information on local history and events, allows me to create original songs which are historically accurate, all the while providing me with an education in the true Folk tradition.

Thistledown Thunder evokes the contrast between the softness of thistledown and the loudness of thunder.  Thistledown is the soft seed carrier for a thistle (Scotland's national flower).  Just as thistledown carries the seeds for the new thistle plant, Thistledown Thunder will spread our stories and folk tales through the medium of music!  The sound of thunder can be heard in the haunting heartbeat of the bodhran.

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