Frank Taylor, The Flying Scotsman - Lyrics

Thistledown Thunder An Immigrant's Prayer
North Shore Song 1990
Rise Again All I Could Hear
Roll on Saint John An Immigrant's Prayer
Three Black Birds Jane's Song
Tug Of War Kinsale
The Stable Boy
All songs are Frank Taylor, SOCAN


It's 1990 in the rest of the world
What time is it down here
A town that's full of loneliness
A town that's full of fear
A drunk on every corner
A cold, half shut pier
It's 1990 in the rest of the world
What time is it down here.

Born Free, taxed to death
The working class do cry
The air out there it should be free
We shouldn't have to buy
For our kids, we must rid
The fumes that fill the sky
Born Free, taxed to death
The working class do cry.

The wall is down in Germany
And how the people dance
Free to go, to and fro
A strangely new romance
But over here, there's different wall
A wall they cannot see
It's the radio, the newspaper
And even the TV

I sing this song to you Saint John
As I bid you adieu
The Union Jack, that broke my back
The red, the white the blue
He'll pay no tax, and he'll relax
Beneath a sky of blue
As pollution fills the lungs me boys
Of the likes of me and you.

All I Could Hear

I think I felt how the Indian felt
Many years ago
I think I felt how he must have felt
When the white man said, Indian go


But all I could hear was that drunk in my ear
Saying what you trying to prove
All I could hear was that drunk in my ear
Saying you. re not from here.

Like Adam and Eve and the apple
The blink lead the blind to the chapel
Ignorance is bliss
So my mother said long ago.

The white man imprisoned the black man
And drove his across the sea
Chained and tied and whipped till he cried
Saying let my people free.

An Immigrant's Prayer

A Scots lad was walking by the river one day
When he met his friend Patrick, and to him did say
Do you remember Patrick, how in the old days
We couldn't talk to our neighbors, or so they did say.

We all were so proud, when we left our homeland
To come across to Canada, a country so grand
Where in ten lovely provinces and two territories had banned
With no guns or barbed wire, or borders did stand.

We went to new schools, new books we did read
We met all new neighbors, all colours and creeds
We'd forgotten all the hatreds, that in us they did breed
So we planted new flowers, and sowed all new seeds.

One flag for our country, the land of my sons
Tell this to your daughters, likewise to your sons
Don't do unto Canada, as my ancestors have done
Don't tear up our country, with bayonets and guns.

Now the song that I sing for you here today
Is for our future and to you I do say
Canada is one, and so it must be
The true north, the strong and the free.

Jane's Song

I have a confession
You've become my obsession
I love more than anyone before
You're my rose of Tralee
You're all Ireland to me
You're the Ireland, I love and adore.


Does the heather still blanket the hills in the spring
Does the Saint John still flow to the sea
Does the sun still shine down on the Nashwaaksis Stream
Where Jane and I love to be.

When we're apart
There's a hole in my heart
A void I cannot fulfill
You're my earth, You're my sky
You're the tears that I cry
And forever more I'll love you still.

In the clear mountain air
With the curlew and hare
Over head the osprey will glide
And when I get home
No more I will roam
By the Naskwaak
Instead of the Clyde.

Yesterday's gone
Tomorrow's not here yet
Therefore we must seize the day
And pray that tomorrow
Will bring no more sorrow
And with me you always will stay.


God bless the Fishermen, who go out on the sea,
Braving every wave, for the likes of you and me.
Riding every swell, the herring shoals to see,
Then trying to catch that wind, that brings them home for tea.

One minute it. s as clear as glass, the next as black as coal.
With the captain at the wheel, watching every roll.
The chef is in the galley, the coffees on the brew.
But I like my cup of tea, like Gandhi it is true.

And as the waves whirl me around and push me to and fro,
I wish that I was on dry land, a drinking I would go.
To see again the Heart and Crown, the Guinness and the crack,
To listen to those Irish songs, always bring me back.

It takes all kinds to make a world, as you can understand.
The sailor loves the open sea, the farmer likes the land.
The priest has his pulpit, where he can make his stand.
But I like best, when I can rest, my spider in my hand.



Black Green and Yellow spell Nelson Mandella.
Black White and Red will find them all dead.
It's now time to bring, and it's now time to sing,
The thoughts that run into my head.

The powers that be, might set them free,
But still it is our worldly task.
One Man, one vote, won't slit their throats
But who. s that behind that mask?

I saw a flag, just like the rag,
That flew in Germany
Black and White, they are both right
Surely we can all see.

What will it take, to make us awake,
Another ninety one years.
We can't turn our backs on our brother's black,
So throw away those spears.

The die it is cast, the past it is past,
And now Mandella is free.
End apartheid, give man his rights,
And give Mandella his dream.

In three short years, through blood, sweat and tears,
The dream has now come to be.
Both black and white, followed the light
And chose Mandella, like me.

North Shore Song

From Tide Head to Campbellton
And down to old Dundee
There's no shore like the North Shore
That's the shore for me.

There's no shore like the north shore
That's for shore, That's for shore
There's no shore like the north shore
That's the shore for me

When you're on the North Shore,
And have nothing else to do,
Go and visit the animals
Up in Nigadoo Zoo.

When you are on the north shore
And have an awful thirst.
There's no place to drink cold beer
Likeup in old Bathurst.

From the floral of Balmoral,
To the snow caps of Glencoe
The Scottish and the Irish,
Are alive where 'ere you go.

From the forestry to the fishery
To the mill down by the sea
The tallest man in Dalhousie
Is Mr. Bon Ami

Well Anglophone or francophone,
Are just the same to me.
Miguasha's shore, you can hear her roar
Friend or mon ami.

Rise Again

The time is nie, the time is nie
When every Scots man will cry
Rise, aye we will rise again
Fra heather glen ta button ben
We will rise this we ken
Rise, aye we will rise again

Fra Bannockburn ta auld strathyre
Ner a man will retire
Crook and cronock in every hand
Wi' banners high, men will cry
Do or die, do or die
Rise, aye we will rise again

Wa the gift that they would gee us
Ta see ourselves as others see us
Rise, aye we will rise again
Now's the time and now's the hour
We've the strength and the power
Rise, aye we will rise again

Though Charlie's gone we'll plod on
Wi our honour and our song
Rise, aye we will rise again
As long as there's a hundred men
Scotland will rise again
Rise, aye we will rise again

Roll on Saint John

A ribbon of blue which keeps our dreams true
That runs through our heartland and soul
Where folks come and go, like rain turns to snow
Where young folk have often grown old

Flow, flow on Saint John
Down to your mother the sea.
Flow, flow on Saint John
Down to your mother the sea.

Some 200 miles from the north to the south
From province to province they say
Greeting fine men and ladies as they go
Sailing by night and by day

One can rust from the life that one lives
Another might surely decay
One night afloat on the deck of a riverboat
Down to the old Fundy Bay

Northerner to Southerner, Acadian to Anglophone
Rick folk to poor folk each day
Lumber Jack, Midwife, Farmer to Journeyman
Everyone willing to pay

A captain might have a cargo of lumber
Or tea for the rich folk they say
Or is it fine brandy that comes from overseas
That lies deep in her hole today

The Stable Boy

Come all you wealthy noble men,
And list to what I say.
I'll tell to you of a fox hunt,
That took place yesterday.
At the price of your sport,
I have once more to stray.
To find a job in another stable,
To earn my daily pay.

With my Lord I would go
To the castle on the hill
And then the lords and ladies
Would meet and there
They'd drink their fill
And when the drinking it was 'or
With horse and hound prepared
With their bright red coats
Horn's in hand
To the prey they then would steer

Twas up the hill and down the dale,
The hounds then they would cry.
And at the first sight of the fox,
The horn' s they would reply.
The horse in front was one of the best,
But mine's was close behind.
But then she stumbled on a fence,
And then lay down nearby.

Now when they tried to rise her up,
They saw that she was lame.
And at the price of one old fox,
My horse's life was tane.
Am I wrong to condemn the sport,
Or is it safe to say,
That the life of such a beast,
Was sacrificed in vane.

So come all you wealthy noblemen,
And list to what I say.
At the price of your sport,
I have once more to stray.
At the price of your sport,
I have once more to stray,
To find a job in another stable,
To find my daily pay.

Three Black Birds

Whilst walking through a forest lane
Down the King's highway
Three black birds sang to me
And this to me did say
From Lisburn town near Belfast
A child was born one day
This child will come into your life
And for a while she'll stay.

The first few nights she'll bid you go
You can't sleep here she'll say
Man here's a pillow for your head
To sleep with me is nae
I'll speak with you in the morrow's morn
Of from the lands we came
But when night falls the black bird calls
And I must sleep alane.

To bide awhile I felt I must
If I should seek her hand
For she is frey some royal blood
And frey a foreign land
I'll cast a spell and let it sit
For six months and a day
And should the black birds come again
To hame with me she'll gae.

So a spell I fixed and let it sit
For six months and a day
Then three black birds came without the rain
And this to me did say
A lucky man, you lucky man
The third time in your life
The other two were taboo
But this one will be your wife.

So we picked a day in the month of May
That we might tie the rope
And with heart and hand to wedlock bands
We both then did elope
From Bonnie Bridge up or' the ridge
To Tay Creek and the kirk
Where there did stand a McFarlane man
And he did make it richt.

She said I know of no one that has been loved as much
As I am loved by you
I know of no one that has been loved as much
And with a love so true.

Tug Of War

The tug of war for days before
As emotions find their path
Trying not to rock the boat
To avoid a troubled rath
Wonder lust, or is it need
That makes us live this way
Or is it just the Post and Beam
We want around the bay.

A goal for me is that RV
That maybe I won't score
Or is it that new 12 string
So I can play some more
The fuss the fight to make it right
Of one thing I am sure
My ship will never leave the dock
Whilst you are on the shore

As sure as the moon and stars
And all the waves on shore
I'll turn the tide for you my bride
And stop the ocean's roar
Well maybe that's a little much
To do all in one day
But I'll give you back all the love
That past lives took away.

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