Frank Taylor, The Flying Scotsman - An Immigrant's Prayer

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An Immigrant's Prayer

While watching and listening to the country's constitutional changes unfold in the spring of 1991, I was inspired to write this song. Because I am a concerned Canadian citizen and very interested in unity, my intent is to do all possible to keep together, the country which I chose to immigrate to.

Those of us from away, usually have a far greater appreciation for what a wonderful and special place Canada is.  That is what this song is about.  I adore my country, and I like spending time telling other people how important it is to keep it together.


Boatman -
Lonesome Boatman

This is a combination of a Scottish song I learned from Sandy Denny and an Irish Tune by Finbar Furey which I've always loved.


Bramble and the Rose

This song tells of my love for Ireland, my mother's, grandmother's and wife's homeland.  It speaks of how intertwined Ireland and England have been for centuries.



I felt compelled to write this when the lack of clean air was so apparent while living in uptown Saint John.


Jane's Song

I often look forward to going on the road, but I usually get no farther than an hour up the road before I start missing home!  Whilst on the road, all the new and different opportunities never make up for the most important things that I've left behind, the loves of my life, and most importantly my wife.  This is for you Jane.  A special thanks to Jane, without her help this project would have never happened.


All I Could Hear

I often find myself entangled in conversations about human rights and dignity.  One particular evening I was rebuked by a rather unsympathetic and unknowledgeable resident of Fredericton.  As my mother once said, You cannot battle wits with unarmed men.



This song was inspired during a sail across the Bay of Chaleur in a nasty squall, with my father-in-law, Capt. Richard Warren-Perry, at the helm the family sail boat named in honour of his birthplace - Kinsale, County Cork, Ireland.


Flower of Scotland

Scotland's unofficial national anthem.  I was honoured to welcome the Scottish National Rugby team to Canada, by performing this at the opening of the Canada-Scotland Rugby game, in Saint John, NB, May 1991.



This song was motivated by my love for African people, my disagreement with the politics of Southern Africa, and the lack of respect for human rights.  Thankfully there have been changes since 1990.


Cane Cutter

Dave Campbell was a great influence on me when I lived in Glasgow and after my trips to the West Indies.  I always enjoyed his great singing style, and the Caribbean influence of Rum, great food and hospitality.


Fields of Athenray

Transportation ballads have always held a fascination with me.


Bogie's Bonnie Belle

This is one of the older love ballads from Scotland that I've sung for over 30 years.  I think I first heard this sung by Archie Fisher while we were performing at the Gateway Restaurant in Stirling, Scotland, in 1965.


Stable Boy

A song I wrote when I was a boy, but still had conviction about the rights of animals.  This is a true story about a friend's brother who owned a race horse named King Lear.  The horse retired from racing and was later put down after a fatal Fox Hunting accident.


Song For Ireland

This song was inspired upon hearing Mary Black's version in 1991, and later enjoying Paddy Riley's recording.



A new lullaby about the history of the Highland Clearances, and the struggle of the Scots to retain their heritage and homeland.

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