Frank Taylor, The Flying Scotsman - Hiring Information

When you hire The Flying Scotsman's show, he brings along all the necessary PA equipment and lights.  He can even provide a small stage if necessary!  If you are looking for the sound of a full band, Frank can arrange for additional musicians to suit your budget.  Frank has been performing professionally for over 30 years, and delivers his show to suit to the audience. .

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Here are a sample of quotes, photographs, videos and information to assist you learning more about Frank or in advertising for your event.


*When you hire The Flying Scotsman , you are not just hiring a professional musician, you are engaging an entertainer and the promise of a memorable experience.

*Frank Taylor is a proud Canadian, energetic entertainer, accomplished musician, veteran performer and recording artist, who commands the attention of pub, festival, convention and stage audiences.

*The Flying Scotsman provides a wonderful show for all your Maritime, Celtic, Scottish, Irish, and Traditional entertainment needs.

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Frank Taylor, By the Window Frank Taylor, With Guitar
Frank Taylor, In the Music Room
Frank and Jane Taylor, With Instruments
Frank Taylor, Casual Dress Frank Taylor, Close up
Frank & Jane Taylor Frank & Jane Taylor
Frank Taylor with 12 string Frank & Jane Taylor
Frank's Caricature by Ian Smith Stage Banner


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