Juggling act: computer systems and a musical career (May 25th, 1999)

Frank and Jane

By day, Jane Taylor designs computer systems for the business needs of government for the Department of Supply and Services. By night she is an accomplished musician, singing and playing Celtic music with her husband Frank Taylor, also known as The Flying Scotsman . Frank writes the songs and Jane helps him with the words and melodies.

Besides their music, Jane and Frank both share a common background. They both immigrated to Canada, Jane from Northern Ireland and Frank from Scotland. The couple met in Fredericton ten years ago and recently celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary. Jane plays the bodhran (pronounced bow-rown) a frame drum, and is teaching herself to play the penny whistle. Frank's specialty is the guitar and the couple has a great time performing together and entertaining audiences.

Jane and Frank are planning a trip to the studio soon to record their second CD. Their first was inspired by their experiences as immigrants to Canada. An Immigrant's Prayer , was recorded and released in 1996. The title track is about how wonderful Canada is from the perspective of two immigrants who chose to make this country home. The CD contains a mix of their own compositions, as well as traditional and contemporary Irish and Scottish folk music.

Their second CD, Thistledown Thunder , will spread Jane and Frank's stories and folk tales through the medium of music. Thistledown is the soft seed carrier for a thistle, Scotland's national flower. We think that the contrast between the softness of thistledown and the loudness of thunder paints an interesting image, Jane explains. Just as thistledown carries the seeds for the new thistle plant, Thistledown Thunder will spread our stories and folk tales though the medium of music. Since the bodran is a percussion instrument, I can make it sound like thunder!

The CD will be recorded this summer at Reel North Recording Studios in Fredericton. It will include songs the couple has written about New Brunswick, including Roll on Saint John, The North Shore Song, Three Black Birds and Tug of War.

Frank has performed from coast to coast in Canada, as well as the United Kingdom and the eastern seaboard of the United States. Frank is a regular at Tapps Pub in Saint John, the Algonquin in Saint Andrews and is playing in Officer's Square in Fredericton on August 17.

Frank is proud to say he is a full-time musician, while Jane is content with her supporting role on stage and behind the scenes as a manager. I'm sharing something special with Frank and it's fun, she says, her face lighting up, and after being conservative during the day as a computer scientist, I enjoy being gregarious and outgoing on stage.


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